A/W 12

S/S 13

A/W 13

I am definitely in love with this designer, Nhu Duong. What I find so attractive in her creations is the juxtapositions of opposites. For example, the washed out, minimalistic jean vs. the sleek, modern print legging. All her work is so ahead of it's time, I'm in love with her A/W 12 collection and that was made more than a year ago! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her, and I'm sure soon enough her works will clothe the pages of Dazed & Confused. 





just half a year

Totally phased by Célines SS14 collection, I leaned back and took a deep breath. Several ideas absorbed into my skin after seeing the collection, and I felt somewhat enlightened, something only Phoebe Philo could be capable of making me feel. The collection is my structure for my spring inspiration. Minimalistic 80s, over sized t-shirts, and netting that reminds me of fruit foam nets. I loved the collection and it made me think of all the wonders and styles that I have to look forwards to this coming spring. it's like I'm reaching for that ray of light at the end of a dark, Swedish tunnel which is also know as a Swedish winter. I'm hardly looking forwards to donning thick jackets, heavy layers and leather boots, well it's not really anything to look forwards to any more, winter is here and there's no avoiding it. What I'm thinking of is white over sized cutoffs, wrap sunglasses, mottled white t-shirts with lavender and crimson paint dashed effortlessly across the them and comfortable, mechanical sneakers that look chunky and futuristic, to that extent where one wonders if they're made by NASA. Following are a few photos of what I imagine myself wearing in that light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the tunnel isn't too long.

Raf Simons SS14, I'm definitely going to save up for at least two pairs of shoes from this collection.

Marques Almeida white track shorts, that I am dreaming of daily. That off white denim is everything. 




SCARF- BACK     TSHIRT- thrifted    SHOES- Raf Simons x Adidas    COAT- thrifted    




COAT- inherited    TOP- Joseph    TROUSERS- thrifted    SHOES- Dr. Martens    BAG- Weekday



Today someone asked me if I was soft grunge. Naturally I answered no. The person continued with asking what I would call my own style. I thought about it, thinking of what I wear and who inspires me. What it really came down to was me saying ''Organic sports'' The problem is that I'm not sure that " Organic sports" really has the capacity for all of my styles. I am inspired by several people, near, far, celebrity or friend ( celebrities = friends ) revolving my style around those who inspire, whether I want to impress or intimidate. Some of my latest styles / moods have been vibrant and sporty. then I've had an affair with minimalist sporty, I usually have that as a backup when I don't feel like trying. I would describe minimalist sporty as black nike. My organic aspects have dulled thanks to the fading sun. Without warmth I can't wear my wide legged trousers and loose linen shirts. I'm trying my best to sustain a pinch of rawness, in the form of ripped jeans, dark paisleys and wrinkled shirts.

a more organic look

neon sports


I finished watching the last episode of Gossip Girl a few days ago, and as of any tv-series that you've watched for a long long time that suddenly is finished, fini, out of your life it feels like a part of you is missing. I identified quite a lot with Blair Waldorf, probably a couple of years too late considering the fact that Leighton Meester was the biggest it-girl in like 2008. CG kept telling me it's just a phase (fashionwise) as I kept getting posher and posher, almost completely abandoning the edgy Nickz, the eurotrash Nickz, the sporty Nickz. Right now I feel like I am back on track again, trying to combinate the two sides of me. Heroin couture Blair Waldorf or drugged up Wednesday Addams? (I am not trying to romanticize drugs here) Cher Horowitz or Ivania Carpio? I have so many fashion icons I want to be all of them at the same time!!!

Anyway, I bought two angora hats during my Blair-era (which is still ongoing)
The blue beret is from Zara and the black hat is vintage.



Nicki is wearing naf naf jacket, lacoste skirt and vagabond shoes. CG is wearing thrifted jacket, thrifted tshirt, craft turtleneck, adidas tracksuits and raf simons shoes. matchy-matchy


under the bridge

Today I was photographed by Sandra Thorsson. She's such a good photographer, check out her work!


Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant, je suis deçu. It's simply too basic and boring, she tend to be innovative not passé? The collections breathe more H&M then Isabel Marant and I get the impression that some of the garments look cheap. Vraiment desolé. Although, i'm not going to throw it all in the trash. The fluffy cardigan in black and white, the pattern on the golden pants and the bomber jacket caught my eye. Just wish they would have screamed "Clémentine, take me home" too.


Literally wearing the sportiest brands ever - craft, nike, champion & adidas 


Industial II

Yesterday Nicki & I were photographed by Celine. This is a small selection of the first photos.
Nicki is wearing    SCARF- Back     MESH TOP- Weekday    SHOES- Thrifted
CG is wearing    CAP - Adidas    KLEIN BLUE TOP- Thrifted    SHOES- Thrifted



I'm wearing KESH x American Apparel jacket, silverish docs, glitter socks from COS and bag from Sandqvist.

This last week, I've been visiting the big apple with my family. It was great seeing this amazing city again. If I could choose, I'd be in Brooklyn everyday. There are so many lovely vintage shops and small cozy coffee places. We've been mostly shopping, of course, but also went to some art museums. After five days in New York, we took the plane to Buffalo and went to see the Niagara falls before we took off to our final stop - Toronto. I have family in Toronto, that's why we went there. Toronto is like a small new york... Only a tiny bit colder, and with a nicer subway haha. 


Hair brushed and parted

Welcome to my Photobooth diary. Bought this silk shirt yesterday from a vintage store here in Stockholm. I feel like a warrior of some sort. Matched it with my old baggy Levis jeans, braided hair and Christian Dior earrings.