Today someone asked me if I was soft grunge. Naturally I answered no. The person continued with asking what I would call my own style. I thought about it, thinking of what I wear and who inspires me. What it really came down to was me saying ''Organic sports'' The problem is that I'm not sure that " Organic sports" really has the capacity for all of my styles. I am inspired by several people, near, far, celebrity or friend ( celebrities = friends ) revolving my style around those who inspire, whether I want to impress or intimidate. Some of my latest styles / moods have been vibrant and sporty. then I've had an affair with minimalist sporty, I usually have that as a backup when I don't feel like trying. I would describe minimalist sporty as black nike. My organic aspects have dulled thanks to the fading sun. Without warmth I can't wear my wide legged trousers and loose linen shirts. I'm trying my best to sustain a pinch of rawness, in the form of ripped jeans, dark paisleys and wrinkled shirts.

a more organic look

neon sports

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