I finished watching the last episode of Gossip Girl a few days ago, and as of any tv-series that you've watched for a long long time that suddenly is finished, fini, out of your life it feels like a part of you is missing. I identified quite a lot with Blair Waldorf, probably a couple of years too late considering the fact that Leighton Meester was the biggest it-girl in like 2008. CG kept telling me it's just a phase (fashionwise) as I kept getting posher and posher, almost completely abandoning the edgy Nickz, the eurotrash Nickz, the sporty Nickz. Right now I feel like I am back on track again, trying to combinate the two sides of me. Heroin couture Blair Waldorf or drugged up Wednesday Addams? (I am not trying to romanticize drugs here) Cher Horowitz or Ivania Carpio? I have so many fashion icons I want to be all of them at the same time!!!

Anyway, I bought two angora hats during my Blair-era (which is still ongoing)
The blue beret is from Zara and the black hat is vintage.

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