Nothing is currently happening on here because something much bigger is happening outside of here and will soon be released here did that make sense? Stay tuned for an upcoming internet sensation



We r at my place rn brainstorming 4 an upcoming project!!!!



 Me by me, Fanny by me, Adrian by me, Clémentine by me ;-)

A series of photos I quicky edited since I, from now on, HAVE PHOTOSHOP CS6 ON MY COMPUTEEEEEEER!!!! I have a lot left to learn, for example: cutting out curly hair…………..

new start



Sale at the Fred Perry flag store I got a dress


Life through a polarizing filter

 Max Factor nail polish no 15 "Opal" / H&M rings / 1440 silk pants

DID I MENTION that I now have a DSLR????? I bought CG's old one and my goal is to become a professional.

silly little boy

quite silly of me to be quite frank, it's -5*c outside, and I feel like wearing a summer shirt and silk pyjama trousers. Absurd

i'm in the specials now

Polo from Fred Perry




Vlada Roslyakova by Pierluigi Maco for Vouge China January 2007

LOVE THIS. Inspiration x10000000000


face study

various artists: laurencin, picasso, chagal, unknown artist x 3



Curved by groovynickz featuring Acne Studios

I have been having these sunglasses (ph 1 & 2) in my drawer ever since I was a little girl playing dress-up. My mother let me have them somewhere between the late 90's and the early 00's when she decided that they were not longer in. And now, about 15 years later, it's time for me (and Acne) to decide that THEY'RE IN AGAIN!!!!!! Love them.


my bedroom


room preview

my art, will be uploading more tomorrow 




jw anderson fw14 menswear

lacquered burlwood, granny-bags, classic/modern shoes and watercombed hair. This collection reminds me of a young boy who is going to church, but he wants to put his little own flare on the boring church suit, so he sneaks into grannys room and alters his outfit into an outfit fit for FW14. I loved the strong architecture, gender neutralising and the faint warmth and nostalgia buried in this collection. The clothes did not only go well on the men, but imagining a woman bearing these clothes kills me, just as beautiful as these men, it really intrigues me! Sweet and simple this is a perfect collection if you're looking for deconstructed church attire.


As usual january isn't too pleasant and coming down with cabin fever is hardly rare, I feel it clearly as i am looking into the pitch blackness that lingers behind these panes of glass. Ugh. I want to skip on warm pave stones in red shorts and slides. I don't feel like wearing mandatory long johns under all my wide legged trousers! Lately I've had lazy style, not caring or planning to much, just throwing on some random shit, with minimal though, yes it may sound typical, but there's truth in what I say. Wrinkled clothes appeal because I can just say they're supposed to be wrinkled when people sneer at my wrinkled garments. This week I have :

Industrialised my room, with metal boxes and other furnishings!! I bought new plants while I was at, to give my room some spirit against the backdrop of darkness *brrr*

I have worn clothes unconventionally, aka just not bothering to put them on properly, aka bearing a tourist going to the graveyard look. 

I have been to moderna museet with Alice & Clem, and marvelled at this Matisse work, wearing a DIY Matisse Blue t-shirt :-))

I also wore black,,, fun no??? jk



ADIDAS 20 SEK / FILA 30 SEK (both are thrifted)

The Fila skirt is very similar to Saga's Adidas skirt she thrifted when we were walking around Kreuzberg a few months ago (as to be seen here) It is also a reminder for me to go get my Lacoste tennis skirt which is at my friend Lovina's (alongside with many others of my clothes) after we shot promo pics for our band in a bathtub and everything got soaked.

I LOVE NEW CLOTHES!!! (although some football guy has probably been sweating in the Adidas shirt………..or maybe ((and hopefully)) it's been worn by a fashionista (((!!!!like me!!!!!))) )

I love brackets!!!!!!!!

Champagne is better than water

Rings I bought for almost no money at all and pretty girls for my moodboard.


This artsy partsy video over here is Alex Mattsson's short film for his AW14 collection Glimpse the Eternal, for Red Bull Catwalk Studio. Alex Mattson, currently working on his cutting-edge SS14 collection PINEAL DAWN at London Collections: menswear - is one of the UK's brightest emerging fashion talents. The video is also a collab between Alex Mattson and Brooklyn based rapper Zebra Katz, the film features the track LST CTRL. 


The outstanding collection, with a bold use of camouflage, the bomber jacket (pic 2), and khaki colours makes the whole collection bold but yet simple.