1. Macaulay Culkin as Michael Alig in Party Monster (2003)
2. CG did not like the concept of the temporary tattoos on the table so he made his own version of them
3. Balenciaga F/W 1998
4. Me in the midst of my glory days
5. Queen Saga right before the Popaganda festival
6. Bikini Kill concert, source unknown

s s s sparkle

The 1 january 2014 is just around the corner. Usually i see new years eve as an overrated feast when nearly everybody thinks it's ok to drink a little bit too much. High expectations that mostly end with low results sadly enough. However, this year we have decided that the cweedcrew celebrate it together (one exception is CG which is in Boston with his family while we're missing him unbearably). So what can go wrong really?

Two days ago, I was walking around town checking out the christmas sales just like everyone else did the 26 of december. Although all the people, I found some bargains where one of them was a pair of dark blue embroidered pantihose from & other stories. Right there in the store I got really excited for new years eve. Crazy how fashion can change your whole attitude about anything really.

I've been thinking about sewing a golden dress for a couple of weeks but realized, with three days left, that I don't have the time and that the dress in my head would not match with the pantihose I've picked up. I would have been the big MESS on the dancefloor, not the drunkies spilling out their drinks. But still I don't want to go to the partys and not sparkle?

So I decided to get inspired by artists. This time Peter Philips, the genius behind the runway makeup for Chanel f/w 2013.  

I love the retro feeling it gives and how it's not too dramatic but still so glamorous. Once again glitter is included in my new year's outfit.




I developed some photos recently. Pictures from this autumn and late summer, and last weekend.
Winning picture of the year: Alice lying in the grass outside the club.



This year's christmas card from me to you. Hopefully, you all got a splendid christmas. Mine consisted of planning my future *control freak*, listening to heavy hip hop and watching Sex and the City. As a gift from my mother I got Replica Flower Market by Maison Martin Margiela. It's my fave in their Replica collection, I have been wanting it for a long time now! From my baby brother I got a colored picture of virgin mary and sweet baby jesus *feeling festive*

This is all for now. Tomorrow I am planning to go out, have some wine and dance to pop music at Pussy A Go Go's "Panda Party" which is a sort of tribute to Sweden's pop-culture.


23 - cg

23 - nicki

& Other Stories fake fur jacket, Monki multi glitter top, thrifted chunky platform boots.

23 - saga

Thrifted Adidas shirt and skirt, Sandqvist bag


2013 in review; a good year

the second time I meet dolores haze, and this is pretty much where it all begins. 

a summers day spent drawing with chalk on the pavement...

Abbey Road photo shoot 

sushi day at Nicki's 

MBFW day one, BACK and juice


Harrington jacket from Warrior


concrete christmas - Clémentine


INSPIRATION. Tania and Roman aka. Synchrodogs are two photographers from Ukraine who have experienced with low quality cameras since their youth. Their work can be both playful and and free, but also haunting and dark. They create their own clothing and sometimes model for their own photos, using odd places as frozen lakes and empty theatres to create their beautiful work. There is often nudity in their photos, but not to provoke people. The duo often uses hard flash and as I look at some of their work I find that many of the photos are of women who are at different places, often anonymously lying on the ground. 

These pictures above are some of my favourites, I think it's impossible to look at their photos and not get inspired.



By photographer Molly Matalon

concrete christmas - CG

     SHOES- DIY      CAP- McKinley      COAT- thrifted     JUMPER- Hugo Boss

concrete christmas - Saga

T-SHIRT- BLANK BLANK     SHOES- Dr. Martens     JACKET- 1440 (Weekday)     TEMPORARY TATTOO- Bodymess

concrete christmas - Nicki

COAT- thrifted     DRESS- Oasis


Bodymess release party

Bodymess know exactly how we like to party. Techno, electro, live band and of course fashion, art, people and booze. Right in the middle of the room was a table with their temporary tattoos and water spray. They are "the new form of expression" we were told and woops I was in love with the whole concept. Some of you that made a visit to popaganda this year might remember them? Check them out.