just half a year

Totally phased by Célines SS14 collection, I leaned back and took a deep breath. Several ideas absorbed into my skin after seeing the collection, and I felt somewhat enlightened, something only Phoebe Philo could be capable of making me feel. The collection is my structure for my spring inspiration. Minimalistic 80s, over sized t-shirts, and netting that reminds me of fruit foam nets. I loved the collection and it made me think of all the wonders and styles that I have to look forwards to this coming spring. it's like I'm reaching for that ray of light at the end of a dark, Swedish tunnel which is also know as a Swedish winter. I'm hardly looking forwards to donning thick jackets, heavy layers and leather boots, well it's not really anything to look forwards to any more, winter is here and there's no avoiding it. What I'm thinking of is white over sized cutoffs, wrap sunglasses, mottled white t-shirts with lavender and crimson paint dashed effortlessly across the them and comfortable, mechanical sneakers that look chunky and futuristic, to that extent where one wonders if they're made by NASA. Following are a few photos of what I imagine myself wearing in that light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the tunnel isn't too long.

Raf Simons SS14, I'm definitely going to save up for at least two pairs of shoes from this collection.

Marques Almeida white track shorts, that I am dreaming of daily. That off white denim is everything. 

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