As usual january isn't too pleasant and coming down with cabin fever is hardly rare, I feel it clearly as i am looking into the pitch blackness that lingers behind these panes of glass. Ugh. I want to skip on warm pave stones in red shorts and slides. I don't feel like wearing mandatory long johns under all my wide legged trousers! Lately I've had lazy style, not caring or planning to much, just throwing on some random shit, with minimal though, yes it may sound typical, but there's truth in what I say. Wrinkled clothes appeal because I can just say they're supposed to be wrinkled when people sneer at my wrinkled garments. This week I have :

Industrialised my room, with metal boxes and other furnishings!! I bought new plants while I was at, to give my room some spirit against the backdrop of darkness *brrr*

I have worn clothes unconventionally, aka just not bothering to put them on properly, aka bearing a tourist going to the graveyard look. 

I have been to moderna museet with Alice & Clem, and marvelled at this Matisse work, wearing a DIY Matisse Blue t-shirt :-))

I also wore black,,, fun no??? jk

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