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The 1 january 2014 is just around the corner. Usually i see new years eve as an overrated feast when nearly everybody thinks it's ok to drink a little bit too much. High expectations that mostly end with low results sadly enough. However, this year we have decided that the cweedcrew celebrate it together (one exception is CG which is in Boston with his family while we're missing him unbearably). So what can go wrong really?

Two days ago, I was walking around town checking out the christmas sales just like everyone else did the 26 of december. Although all the people, I found some bargains where one of them was a pair of dark blue embroidered pantihose from & other stories. Right there in the store I got really excited for new years eve. Crazy how fashion can change your whole attitude about anything really.

I've been thinking about sewing a golden dress for a couple of weeks but realized, with three days left, that I don't have the time and that the dress in my head would not match with the pantihose I've picked up. I would have been the big MESS on the dancefloor, not the drunkies spilling out their drinks. But still I don't want to go to the partys and not sparkle?

So I decided to get inspired by artists. This time Peter Philips, the genius behind the runway makeup for Chanel f/w 2013.  

I love the retro feeling it gives and how it's not too dramatic but still so glamorous. Once again glitter is included in my new year's outfit.

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