Y'all probably know that photobooth has been my biggest addiction ever since I got my mac in late 2012. And now it's a new year fresh start time for new opportunities yada yada so I thought we should do a throwback and take a look at my many faces through photobooth in 2013.

 January: I liked BOY London and now I hate BOY London. 0/10
 February: I pretended to be one of those people who romanticize the 70s and thought I was Mick Jagger in fur coat.
 March: Too basic in my opinion. Sheer white shirt and stone washed jeans, did the 2009 indie kids call or what?
April: I continued with the 70s attitude, this time in Tyra's brown manchester blazer.
 May: I hid.
 June: Vintage Adidas with XL gold chain and 50s shades? Radical…………..
 July: I had a thing for braids
August: Then I got a thing for intestines
 September: Missing spring????????
 October: My favorite Tweety headband. And my least bitchy face.
 November: FAVE Ann Sofie Back dress I got from cweedcrew on my 18th birthday!!!
 December: I was an Alexandre Herchovic wannabe with skiing glasses as an accessory. I think this is my best look!!!

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