We found this messy and well stored 2nd hand shop while walking around in Mitte. The store has three floors, men - women and women's accessorizes. We had been to the shop Colours in Kreuzberg just before we went to this shop, and it's almost the same concept, but a lot more sorted. At Made In Berlin you can find a clothes rail with only burberry coats and loads and loads of fur jackets. At the men's section we noticed that they had a nice range of adidas jackets. 


In Kreuzberg we found this huge vinyl store. I had to google the adress when we came home to find out the name of this store, Spacehall vinyl. This is absolutely no 1 of the nicest record stores I've been to. They only have vinyls - and we're talking LOADS of vinyls. Three rooms with well sorted vinyls, with genres like electronica, drum & bass, minimal and ofc indie rock. Nicki bought an iceage vinyl and I (saga) finally bought Bloc Party's album Intimacy that I have craved for so long.

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