Wow, just wow. Strong colours, external bras, embellishments galore. Shocked was what I was when I saw Prada's SS14 collection. In contrast to their AW13 I felt this collection was younger and more playful. It is with great sadness that i inform you that I preferred their AW13 collection, but were not discussing that collection here, its time to really look into the collection.

Its obvious that art is a big chunk on the mood board for this collection. Models clad in strong colours and graphic prints. The prints were the slightest bit reminiscent of those in Prada's SS08 RTW collection and were also reminiscent of various graffiti works across the world, and the murals on the walls were obviously street art inspired. I was also feeling that the collections colour blocking was influenced by the artist Richard Lindner. I also felt that the use of visible bras created a feminist statement ( it's no secret that Miucca Prada is active politically ) they created a statement by basically saying ''femininity is nothing to hide, show you're a woman! Show your bra!'' The feminist aspect in the collection is also reminded by the leg warmers, that looked very military and supported the fact that the stylish women can kick ass just as well as any solider. I also think that the fluffy, bright, hawaiian pieces in the collection were trying to paint up a utopia, but all utopias come at a price. ( Clearly since not everyone can afford Prada ) Overall I think that Prada had a YSL moment, the Mondrian Shift Dress, a clear art piece as fashion. That is what this collection does for fashion, it blurs the lines between art and fashion, and is saying that fashion is essentially art, which in my opinion it is. 

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